The brief

Though BD is very well known within the immunology and flowcytometry space, there is low awareness that BD is the only brand with a true multiomics offering. BD wanted to change this a big way.

The insight

The BD Rhapsody is a unique machine, offering ground-breaking in-depth analysis, allowing scientific research to look deeper into single cell populations than ever before. With this technology, every researcher has the potential to discover new insights or prove the existence of revolutionary cellular populations that no one has discovered; turning theory and myth into fact.

Our strategy

To deliver the impact that BD wanted, our idea was to show that with the Rhapsody, researchers could literally ‘Find the Impossible’. To do this, we decided to take a well-known figure of mystery, that has never been proven and bring it to life.

Starting with Bigfoot, we worked with top movie SFX teams to produce a series of light-hearted and memorable images that wouldn’t only achieve high recall, but complete brand differentiation. This insightful narrative has given us a disruptive and lasting platform to communicate that with BD MultiOmics, you too could discover the unimaginable. All activity drove traffic to a dedicated BD MultiOmics landing page, where researchers were encourage to hand raise for more information.