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The context

Vaginal dryness. It’s not the most… comfortable topic of discussion.

But it should be. Because vaginal dryness is uncomfortable too, and many women are suffering because they’re too embarrassed to talk to their GP about it. Only a quarter of women seek help.

But few people are more passionate about shattering the stigma around women’s health and vaginal issues like Vagisil.

When they launched ProHydrate – their first prescription product – they knew they had a game-changing product to help restore moisture and put vaginal dryness at bay.

They weren’t just fighting against a more well-established market-leader, though. Vagisil were fighting against the shame that keeps women getting the help they deserve.

It was time to start talking about vaginal dryness.

Our brief was two-fold.

Firstly, to help GPs appreciate ProHydrate’s superior gel formula that mimics natural vaginal moisture – thanks to its hyaluronic acid, ProHydrate holds 1000x times its weight in water.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, was to get GPs to raise the issue of vaginal dryness with their patients that they think might be suffering in silence.

Our strategy

Let’s face it, most DM packs are boring. And sample packs are easy to ignore. GPs can be inundated with both.

So our creative strategy was focused on being as physically engaging as possible.

Our ‘feel the difference’ hydrating DM pack was like nothing our client had ever seen. It allowed GPs to feel the ProHydrate difference – quite literally.

The pack housed a water-reactive demo card with a hidden message. For GPs to read it, they had to open up a sample of ProHydrate and smear it over the card. The water content of the gel would then allow the message to be revealed.

Of course, the element of curiosity and playfulness was a powerful draw to getting GPs to take notice and engage with our pack. And as they did so, they could feel the product for themselves and appreciate its realistic consistency.

We created accompanying letters and leaflets, featuring stigma-smashing, and hope-boosting copy, housed in a bold design that wasn’t trying to whisper a word.

To make life easier for our clients, we handled production and delivery of the packs, too.

To deliver the impact that BD wanted, our idea was to show that with the Rhapsody, researchers could literally ‘Find the Impossible’. To do this, we decided to take a well-known figure of mystery, that has never been proven and bring it to life.

Project Team

Joe Ruddock
Creative Director
Charlie Culverhouse
Account Manager
Evan Winland-Gaetz
Digital Creative Lead
Joe Wilson
Motion Designer
Lucy Harrison

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