Creativity is the cure™

Injecting a dose of creativity into healthcare communications

If you like to make things better, you’ve come to the right place. We’re Create Health, a proudly independent, agile specialist marketing agency dedicated to bringing much-needed creativity to healthcare marketing.

We believe that brilliant ideas aren’t just good for business, they can make a positive difference to healthcare professionals and their patients.

Our Creative PathwayTM has already helped many global brands use empathy to create more meaningful connections – we’d love to show you how.

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The need for creativity

Data and stats have their place, but if you truly want to change hearts and minds you need to move people; make them feel something.

Our strategic and creative thinking has the power to do this.

How the mind really works
Anna Freud
Kuros Bioscience
Mente Autism
Smith & Nephew
Thermo Fisher
World Health Organization

Our Work

We graft hard to create work that’s contagious. Ideas that are rooted in truth, made to motivate and simple in thought, no matter how complex the science. It’s our cause – and creativity is in our DNA.


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