Our methodology

A proven path

The world is more complex than ever before.

There is both an art and a science to navigating this complexity successfully in order to unlock the true power of your (brand/product) by connecting it with the right people in the right way.

We call it The Red Thread.

The Red Thread is a strong, distinctive and unbreakable strategy that takes you from where you are now to the future you want.

Where it all begins

Our curiosity starts with the commercial and communication outcomes that you want, as a business.

By knowing where you want to end up, we can create the most effective way to get you there and deliver the strongest possible returns.

To do this we use a proven tool called the 3C Model.

Three Strands. One Thread

Science.  Human.  Context.

These are the three strands we dig deep within to define the outcome you want.

Using a specially crafted set of proprietary tools, our team of strategists, scientists and creative thinkers work in partnership with you and other key stakeholders to develop an approach that weaves all the necessary parts together to create The Red Thread that runs through everything we do.

Be it narrative, channels, or visuals – The Red Thread ensures a strong consistency of communication so that any given audience you wish to target understands the ask.

What is it that makes your drug or product distinctive? Why will a healthcare professional care? What key claims can you make? How will it help patients? These are just some of the questions we ask to understand your true point of difference.
Who do we need to influence? What emotional and rational levers do we need to affect? Where are their heads at today and where do we want to take them? Knowing this enables us to find the optimal ways to connect with your audience, so your drug or product’s value can be clearly communicated.
Who are your real competitors? What is the market context we need to consider? Where is the sweet spot for our efforts and budget? The answer to these important queries gives us the correct lens to look through so we can define your short to long-term objectives – ensuring the desired outcome is delivered.

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