Ed Hudson

Managing Partner

Ed has always been drawn to the medical sector, but instead of wielding a stethoscope, he has a different kind of tool by his side. A knack for human connection.

After over a decade mastering the bustle of London’s advertising sectors, he decided that traditional marketing world just wasn’t the right fit for him. He wanted to make a positive difference in the world.

This led him to find home as a founder of Create Health, 14 years ago. Now, with a deep understanding of his healthcare clients, he unlocks insights and value that helps them define a strong red thread towards success.

His goal? To help them communicate in a way that sparks inspiration, resonates with people, and empowers better healthcare information for all.

Ed is also passionate about mentoring the next generation, leveraging his talents and authenticity to empower and grow our team. Beyond the office walls, he’s busy pursuing a coaching and mentoring degree, while actively helping young people facing homelessness at Bristol-based charity, 1625 Independent People.

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