Removing the high pressure of launching new products consistently globally



BD created the Vacutainer® Eclipse™, Signal™ and UltraTouch™ blood collection systems – beautifully considered devices that were designed to please end users and payers alike. The problem? Even though extensive customer profiling work had been carried out, each sales person and market sold the products in their own way – losing many of their key benefits.

Our solution?

A bespoke Digital Sales Aid (DSA) that integrated with Big Tin Can. By creating one centralised DSA we ensured that all sales reps, no matter what country, sold the products in a consistent fashion – with the key product selling points as the focus. The DSA also enabled the content to be segmented by customer profile and could be updated instantly via an intuitive CMS – saving BD thousands in print costs.

Project scope

  • Digital Sales Aid
  • Animations
  • Value propositions
  • Product narrative