The brief

Thermo Fisher Scientific needed to communicate their New Generation food protection technologies, which analyse food samples to tackle food fraud, test surfaces for COVID-19 contamination, and help make Salmonella a thing of the past through a smarter workflow.

The insight

Though each solution deals with a different issue and works differently, they are united in their ability to provide next level protection to food businesses.

Our strategy

United under our positioning of Next Level Protection, we enlisted legendary illustrator Kouzou Sakai – of Wired Magazine – to create three beautifully illustrated concepts in one striking visual style.

  • We alerted manufacturers to unwittingly committing food fraud with our Trojan Cow – tongue-in-cheek yet with a real and serious point, nodding at horse-meat scandals of yesteryear
  • We warned manufacturers to the devastating impact of a COVID-19 breakout to their business with our COVID-shaped wrecking-ball, that was halted just in time
  • We showed manufacturers how Thermo’s Salmonella PCR can keep business moving with our fast-flowing river from field, to factory, to fridge.

A truly bold campaign with a hint of wit.