The brief

Sugar Smart wanted to make 13-17 year olds in Bristol aware of the hidden dangers of a high sugar diet. The problem? The effects of sugar take a long time to cause big health issues and this audience don’t care.

The insight

We conducted research to understand how we could best reach this audience. Despite the brief asking us to use Snapchat, we discovered that YouTube was by far the biggest platform used by our audience and they wouldn’t respond well to scare mongering or preaching. They want to be entertained.

Our strategy

Rather than preach, we chose to entertain this audience by creating a funny video with an addictive song. Entitled ‘Thirsty Eyes’ (a pastiche of Dirty Dancing) our animation told the not so sweet side of sugar in an engaging way and was promoted across YouTube pre-roll and Instagram ads.


  • We reached 93% of the audience in Bristol
  • Average view time of 2 minutes
  • Over 64,000 views in only 6 weeks