The brief

Smith & Nephew created a total knee arthroplasty (TKA) system that delivers normal movement. An extraordinary feet of engineering, Journey II is the next evolutionary step in TKA operations. The problem? The original US positioning campaign of this product used terms the European sales team didn’t fully understand, so they didn’t feel confident selling it – meaning sales stalled across Europe.

The insight

Orthopaedics surgeons hate made up marketing terms and want to implant a TKA that’s as close to nature as possible. The internal sales force need to be able to talk about the technical merits of the product in way that is understood and respected by the surgeons.

Our strategy

A new value proposition of ‘a more human knee’. A beautifully simple statement rooted within a product truth and one that led to a narrative that got the sales team excited and selling. This was then brought to life through a fully integrated campaign that boldly moved away from the category norm of active older people enjoying golf or cycling.