The brief

Sanofi Genzyme wanted to reach haematologists; the specialist physicians most likely to encounter patients with Gaucher Disease prior to diagnosis. The problem? Gaucher Disease is considered very rare and its symptoms often misdiagnosed.

The insight

Haematologists have the patient’s best interests at heart, but are fixated on diagnosing the condition, so often look for the knowns rather than considering rare diseases.

Our strategy

To remove the label of ‘rare’ so that haematologists didn’t automatically switch off and think about Gaucher Disease as a condition they would never encounter. Then using a new diagnostic algorithm (Cappellini) we encouraged haematologists to test for Gaucher Disease as soon as malignancies had been ruled out. To gain stand out we used the well-known cross-examining game of ‘Guess Who?’ as our creative wrapper. Entitled ‘Guess What?’ our campaign played on how to analyse the characteristics of the symptoms left, reducing the chance of misdiagnosis and unnecessary treatments for sufferers.