The brief

RayOne is the first fully preloaded IOL injection system. It boasts the smallest nozzle at 1.65 mm and a unique lens rolling technique for more consistent results. The problem? With such a host of compelling features, Rayner were struggling to pick one to hero, so they could make a real impact at RayOne’s launch at the ESCRS.

The insight

Maintaining the integrity of the eye structure during cataract surgery is vital, therefore a smaller incision is key for Ophthalmologists. Rolling the IOL for delivery into the eye instead of the norm of folding is the only true way to achieve a micro-incision without compromising on other important features.

Our strategy

To gain maximum stand out in the market, we focused on the patented IOL rolling feature of RayOne. We branded this element ‘Lock & Roll’ and supported it with the campaign line ‘not everyone can do this’. This bold statement was brought to life through contortion artists for an integrated campaign that was as unique as the product itself.


  • 900 ophthalmologist demos at ESCRS
  • KOL endorsement
  • Wide spread media coverage making it their most successful launch