The brief

Bowel cancer is the UK’s second biggest cause of cancer death and growing. That’s why Exact Sciences needed our help to launch Cologuard – a non-invasive home test kit capable of detecting 92% of all stage bowel cancers, providing an easy, accurate and cost effective alternative to an invasive Colonoscopy. The problem? Bowel cancer wasn’t a priority for GPs.

The insight

GPs are under ever increasing pressure to see more patients, leaving resources stretched and less time for exploratory conversations. If something isn’t top of mind, it might get missed.

Our strategy

A combined GP and consumer campaign to maximise success by driving awareness of and interest in Cologuard from both audiences. Creatively we used engaging formats to gain attention, then used the science to position Cologuard as a proven solution – reducing any perceived risks of trying something new.

What we delivered

  • A pop up direct mail piece to get GPs attention, educating them on the importance of early bowel cancer detection
  • Microsite & online advertising
  • Interactive sales aid
  • CPD event
  • National consumer press campaign


  • Our takeover gained a clickthrough rate 277% over the benchmark
  • 32% response rate to direct mail requesting more information
  • 4 CPD events run and well attended across the country