The brief

ConvaTec launched AQUACEL Ag+ in 2014, a new class of dressing proven to disrupt and destroy biofilm. The problem? ConvaTec did an excellent job of highlighting the issues that biofilm causes in wound management, but didn’t position AQUACEL Ag+ as the solution in a strong, memorable way.

The insight

Nurses too often feel powerless to eliminate biofilm and less specialised HCPs don’t fully understand the dangers it can pose. Educational literature is often bland and repetitive, therefore going un-noticed. Attention spans are short and sometimes the best way to stand out is to be different.

Our strategy

A disruptive campaign that empowered nurses to eliminate biofilm. We created the biofilm monster as the embodiment of everything that AQUACEL Ag+ fights against. The monster not only acted as a visual device to educate on the dangers of biofilm, it also enable us to explain the dressing’s unique MORE THAN SILVER technology. A three ingredient formula that’s far superior to the competitions.