The brief

1 in 10 UK children suffer with a mental health issue and alarmingly as many as 70% of these don’t receive the proper support they need. That’s why The Anna Freud Centre wanted to develop an app that enabled these sufferers to better manage and cope with their condition.

The insight

Young people want to be actively involved in making decisions about their health and feel more in control of their care when they are included and consulted. This audience need technology that is engaging, easy to access, informative, empowering, and provides support between sessions.

Our strategy

Empower adolescents to take control of their mental health with PowerUp – an app-based service that allows users to record a diary, log questions, make decisions and assign items for discussion in their next clinical session.


  • This was a feasibility trial between Anna Freud and UCL. A final report paper has been published, NIHR Reference Number: II-LA-0814-20005.