The brief

The Anna Freud Centre tasked us to redevelop a website for schools, containing tools to support children showing behavioural problems. The tools were based on paper-based activity sheets that helped 11-14 year olds understand their thoughts and actions, calming their mental state so they could be returned to class faster.

The insight

Working through the triggers that made a child mis-behave is better for them than telling them off and making an example of them. Crucially, 11-14 year olds don’t want paper-based tools, they lack interactivity and effectiveness.

Our strategy

Gamification of the whole experience provided a more interactive, engaging and useful tool for kids. We shifted the service from the website to an app to better serve our audience whilst making it easier to use throughout schools. The newly imagined ReZone contains a series of interactive tools, breathing videos and colouring experiences to help kids feel calm and in control.

What we delivered

  • Brand development
  • Interface design
  • Clinically supported game creation
  • iOS & Android app development
  • Digital tracking giving teachers ongoing monitoring capability
  • Database security & management