Scrubbed up and ready to operate

Our clients have high expectations, so we use a combination of battle-tested techniques and processes to ensure our apps are ready to be used and be useful.

Rapid prototyping allows us to quickly and efficiently test our understanding of client challenges and how best to solve them, incorporating feedback at a very early stage, rather than applying changes after delivery.

Where possible, we use Behaviour Driven Development, codifying user needs into actionable and programmable tests that capture the acute needs of a user, while providing a quantifiable and articulate test case to code against. BDD sits well with our use of agile methodologies, using time-delimited periods of measurable progress against granular stories.

As part of our commitment to delivering quality, we put great emphasis on well-supported User Acceptance Testing, empowering stakeholders with detailed documentation, screencasts and videos to ensure meaningful testing validates the approaches we’ve used.