Having spent a week in this agency, I’ve learnt a massive amount about the day-to-day life in a workplace but more interestingly in a creative space. Going into this week I was expecting an average office, small separate rooms for each job role and communication through emails and devices. I have since learnt and experienced how wrong I was. 

Even the fact that mostly everyone was located in a single, large and light space proves great symbolism for the type of work that goes on in this office. I was surprised at the large community I had walked into. As my first day continued, I noticed that this factor was vital for createhealth to function. Every single person’s role relies on others; bouncing ideas, sharing knowledge and different skills is what makes this agency tick. As I spoke to each member I began to understand that this was an interdependent network of various expertise. Each time I went to a meeting with these teammates I found I could add layer upon layer into the structure I had created in my mind.

To me, a great analogy explaining what I had discovered in this agency was the structure of a diamond. It’s strong bonds connecting many atoms together to form a complex and beautiful structure with amazing properties. It may seem like this is common sense in an agency, everyone has to work together to ‘get the job done’ but, to this extent, I never thought existed.

I hadn’t had any experience of an advertising agency apart from in movies. They always depict them as fast moving, no room for error and honestly quite scary. Create Health showed me that, yes, productivity and fast pace is important however because of its significant emphasis on a new creative perspective it was clear to see they prioritised time to spark ideas and time for their twist on otherwise boring concepts. Also, time for trial and error, adaption and refinement specific to what the client asks for. 

As a 17 year old who is constantly being pushed along by education to choose a path in life and run for it, it was lovely to come to createhealth and have my eyes open to the idea that there are many ways of getting to do what you love. Many people in the agency have completely different qualifications in various areas because of the range of jobs within the agency. This was really encouraging to hear when you’re someone like me who doesn’t know exactly what to study and is passionate in various areas (in my case: biology, art and psychology). Furthermore, I have never ever been aware of the advertising world in my 10 years of education, this is a major blind spot that I am so blessed to have an insight into now.

I came into this week with simply the desire to find ideas and insight for my future pathway. The one thing I have always remembered from career advice in secondary school is our generation’s unique opportunity to work towards careers that haven’t even been invented yet. A passing thought was how cool it would be to find a job or course that combined art and biology, of course I dismissed this from the closed mindset that schools fail to step out of whilst helping us plan for our careers. This is that passing thought made reality, Create Health has helped me to see that. 

I feel like I can walk away from this experience week with a new opportunity to look into advertising as a career choice and at university. I am so much more excited to do so with this fresh outlook so common in this agency.

Some of my favourite parts of this week were:

  • Working with the art director and copywriter on a current brief. This meant I got the opportunity to understand exactly how they handle a real life client. I also got some of the images and a video I had collected into the final presentation to the client which was really fun to see have an impact.
  • Learning about CGI and 2D animation and the immense detail that goes into their amazing artworks. I even got to try out some animating for myself.
  • Having a meeting with the Creative director and learning about his job combining science, problem solving and art- sounds like something I would really enjoy.
  • Presenting my own ideas on Create Health’s FemTech social posts, this was very fun especially in-front of multiple roles in the agency. 
  • Sitting in on a resource and admin meeting towards the very end of the week, this was particularly interesting as I had previously met and known every person’s role in the agency but I got to piece together how they interact.
  • Actually seeing my ideas through from the very beginning into their creation with the animator.

I think if anyone is interested in the world of health marketing, creativity, psychology and art in general, you might love this place as much as I have. I hope to see this lovely team again and am excited to see them continue to work into the future of healthcare. 

Thanks again, Juliette.