You might notice our site is looking decidedly chic these days; we’ve got a brand-new look, one that reflects our mission to bring a hefty dose of creativity to health marketing.

If you like our gorgeous new illustrations in particular, you’ve got Sophie Standing to thank for that – an innovative medical illustrator with a uniquely engaging, warm and human style.

We recently sat down with her to discuss creativity, doing different, and the future of medical marketing.

First off, how did you get into being an illustrator within the health sector?

I’ve always loved illustration as a form of visual communication, to metaphorically describe things that you can’t get from text alone.

So I studied illustration and animation at university, and after my final show I was approached to make a graphic novel about what happens to the body and mind when it experiences pain. It went on to become a series that can be prescribed by GPs!

Seeing the positive influence that medical illustrations can have really inspired me to carry on down this route.

What kind of work do you most often get commissioned to do?

I’m currently doing a lot of illustrations for apps – especially behavioural platforms that can track mental health. I’m also illustrating a book on dementia at the moment.

What is your creative process for answering briefs?

We have a meeting and talk about the concept behind the piece. Then – say it’s a book – we discuss the layout, the pacing; almost sketch it out page by page.

Then I do rough initial sketches to visualise my concept. Once that’s signed off, I make a more detailed sketch. After that we bring in colour, which is really important. At that stage, it often gets tested with people. That’s the most exciting part, because piece connecting with its audience is the most integral thing. 

For want of a better phrase, where do your ideas come from?

I start by thinking of what I want to communicate, whether an emotion or condition. I take that word and make a spider diagram around it – a bit like getting to the heart of a puzzle.

Next, I start to plan it visually, and by then it all kind of falls into place.

You bring something really fresh to the medical sector. Do you think styles like yours are needed to progress the way health brands communicate?

Yes! Although my style isn’t at all the only way to do it.  I’ve always been inspired by the work of illustrators like Fritz Kahn who first pioneered a more accessible way to approach health.

But I think today it’s absolutely about using fresh styles and beautiful visuals to make health more appealing, softer and less daunting – especially when it comes to topics that tend to instil fear such as physical and mental illness.

And finally, we believe that Creativity is the Cure to the stagnation within health marketing. Do you believe that’s true?

100%. For me, health marketing is taking something complex, intimidating or scary and helping it connect with people. And creativity is the way to do that.

Whenever I’m looking for solutions to any health brief it always involves creativity – I think that is true whether you’re a designer or a scientist. Every advancement we’ve made through time has been routed in creativity.

And creativity is so much more than colouring in – we’re visually dominant people and using visuals to connect with people and influence emotions is so effective. Emotion has very high currency and helps access parts of us that lists of features and benefits can’t.

So there we have it, we’re not the only ones who know that Creativity is the Cure™. If you have any questions about how our creativity could revolutionise the way your customers see and interact with your brand, give us a call.