Today is a special day.

It’s a day that’s been 12 months in the making.

A day that ­– at times during the pandemic – didn’t feel like it wasn’t going to happen.

But it has. It’s here, and I am incredible proud to launch our new brand. One that reflects what we’re best known for, creativity.

It’s a significant step in our journey. Since completing the MBO in January 2020, we’ve restructured the business, welcomed a raft of new hires including Planning Partner, Polly Buckland, honed the service offering and polished the positioning.

The new website and renewed focus are the final steps of our agency’s transformation as we seek to help healthcare brands find the cures to their marketing ills.

“We firmly believe that Creativity is the cure™ for the future of healthcare communications – it sits at the heart of everything we do at Create Health and we’re super excited to share this with the world. For us brilliant ideas aren’t just good for business, they’re vital for making a positive difference to healthcare professionals and patients alike.”

Phil Blackmore, Creative Partner

Our new brand was launched today (10 March 2021) with an insightful virtual event, where Mind Science Practitioner and TEDx Talker Anne Thistleton blew the lid on how we (humans) really make decisions, and what that means for marketers who wish to unlock genuine behaviour change in health. You can watch the recording here:

“Marketing theory is based on the assumption that minds – especially scientific ones – think rationally and make decisions accordingly. But they don’t. None of us do. We’ve seen countless times that it’s the truly creative campaigns rather than the rational ones that have the biggest impacts on brand and buying behaviour in healthcare. Decision-making is led by the non-conscious mind, and that’s why creative brands, grounded in insights, are the most powerful ones.”

Ed Hudson, Managing Partner

So it’s a great day – and a great time to be working in healthcare.

Watch this space.
Big things are coming.