As a business we passionately believe that more conversations need to be had about opening up more space for creativity and emotion in healthcare marketing.

And this is far from an unfounded belief – the developing field of Mind Science shows that drawing upon creativity is a powerful way to affect change in your customers.

To help us get the conversation started, we’re soon hosting a virtual event The Untapped Science of Communicating with your Customers on the 10th of March.

Headlining the event and telling the full story is keynote speaker Anne Thistleton – TEDx Talker, marketing veteran (ex-Marketing Director at Coca-Cola), and Mind Science Practitioner.

Anne will be lifting the lid on some little-known secrets of Mind Science, why we’re often nowhere near as rational as we’d like to believe, and how an understanding of the non-conscious processor is the key to unlocking all-important behaviour change in your customers.

“No decision can be made without input from past experiences, past learning, and, hence, emotions as they are the signalling system of those memories.” 

Anne Thistleton

After the talk, Anne will be joined by a panel of experts from the likes of ConvaTec, Kinneir Dufort and Kanjo App, who will discuss the challenges of engaging your audience and why Creativity is the Cure™.

The event will run for around an hour from 11am GMT, and a recording will be emailed out shortly after for those who cannot join us live. Digital seats are limited, so don’t miss your spot – sign up at Eventbrite today.