As a healthcare marketing agency, we’re on a mission to brighten up isolation and inspire every child in the nation, with Healthy Young Minds.

It’s a series of fun projects to open your children’s imaginations and get them interested in STEM subjects by having a go at tackling some of society’s challenges.

Now that schools aren’t open for the foreseeable, and parents and carers have become overnight teachers, being a healthcare marketing agency, we want to give you a helping hand for as long as this lasts.

We’ve got some challenges ready to go, and will be uploading more over the coming weeks.

All your little ones need to take part is our worksheets and pen (or a tablet if they’re lucky enough).

Download our Healthy Young Minds challenges

You’ll find a short ‘brief’ and worksheet to complete ready to download and print at home:

Coronakid to the rescue

Dyson’s next big invention

Keep the UK’s hands squeaky-clean

Ready to be an ocean explorer

Will your little one be a big winner?

Upload the submissions and see others here: We’ll be judging the nation’s inventions and awarding our favourites with some e-prizes and vouchers to help make lockdown easier for the whole family.

We might even pass an idea or two on to our engineering expert friends. Watch this space…