What a success our TEDx debut this Sunday was. The Bristol Old Vic was packed to the rafters and buzzing with energy, inspiration and hope.

The sold-out talks impressed and provoked us in equal measure, covering a huge number of topics from social media to super-bugs, disability to visibility – with a sprinkle of clowning and singing. Keep a special eye out for 18-year old champion horse-rider and YouTuber, Tegan Vincent-Cooke. Her life with quadriplegic cerebral palsy shows the true power of mindset, as she challenges perceptions of disability. As a medical branding agency, dealing with all manner of health-related topics, we’ve been overwhelmed with these stories.

Meanwhile, over in Cooper’s Hall, our lab coat-clad team were busy on the ReminiScent stall. Over 8 hours, we were lucky enough to chat to hundreds of attendees and gather their scent stories – in fact, by the end of the day, our tray overflowed with three hundred and seventy-five memories.

A big thanks to TEDx Bristol for a brilliant day, thanks to Bristol Old Vic for being a fantastic host, and thank you to each and every lovely person who came to meet us and take a sniff!

Best bits of TEDx Bristol 2019

Some of the memories we collected were as expected:

Lavender reminded most people of sleep and relaxation.
Bubblegum evoked memories very much related to childhood.

However, we heard some incredible memories that were out of the ordinary:

Brut aftershave reminded many people of the dentist.
TCP reminded one person of their work at an asbestos factory in the 1960s.

There are many more fascinating stories, and we’re in the middle of dissecting and analysing all of this scent data to see what insights emerge. Once we’ve done this, we’ll be bringing our favourite stories to life.

Keep your eyes peeled in the next month and you might just see your story beautifully retold.