The answers to some of today’s problems could be nestled in the mind of any of us.

It’s a belief that led us – Bristol-based healthcare marketing agency – on a mission. A mission to tackle some of society’s biggest issues with the help of an unexpected group.

Our Healthy Young Minds initiative tasked the 7-11 year old pupils of Summerhill Academy, St George, to dream up gadgets to reverse the effects of dementia and air pollution.

We spoke to our Creative Director, Phil Blackmore, to find out more.

“Our ethos as a healthcare marketing agency is that mindset has the power to change the world – who else can bring such unique mindsets and perspectives to growing health issues than school kids?” he tells us.

“On one hand, it’s a fun creative project to let their imagination run free. On the other hand, their generation will experience higher instances of dementia and higher levels of air pollution than any that’s come before. So we feel a duty to help uncover tomorrow’s scientists and possibly find a spark of inspiration that could really lead to something incredible.”

Working with local schools to solve local health challenges

We were thrilled to be able to work with Summerhill Academy on this project, whose values align very much with ours. Headmistress, Rebecca Curtis, agrees:

“Our values at Summerhill Academy are Inspire to Aspire, Care and Include, Support and Trust. So we’re keen to engage with projects which support these values. The Healthy Young Minds project enabled the children to learn more about issues which are affecting their community and to use their design, technology and science knowledge to play an active role in being part of the solution.”

We brought together a panel of expert judges from healthcare and med-tech businesses to spot the most promising ideas. The pupils behind the four winning entries were awarded with annual family memberships to We The Curious, Bristol’s fun and educational science venue.

Check out our incredible winning entries:

Though Healthy Young Minds launched with Summerhill Academy, we have big plans to expand throughout Bristol and the UK, and get the entire nation’s children excited about science.