There are times when you can’t help but feel proud of the human race. Yesterday was one of those days. World Mental Health Day – 24 hours dedicated to raising awareness of mental health and why our emotional wellbeing is just as important as our physical health. This year’s theme set by the WHO was ‘Young People and Mental Health in a Changing World’ – a subject that sparked a global conversation worldwide. And organisations didn’t hold back with their campaigns. They were well thought out, well executed and told a powerful message. From a medical communications agency perspective, here are our top seven World Mental Health Day campaigns that caught our eye on social media and gave us goosebumps.


As a meditation app aimed at improving mental wellbeing, this is already an initiative we’re a fan of. But it got into our good books even more yesterday when it unlocked all of the paid features on the app, helping more people enjoy true peace of mind. Try it out for yourself.


Talking frankly about mental health, Lundbeck’s video raised questions about why research, education and policy need to change to make mental health something we think and talk about every day. It made a progressive point – that mental health isn’t always about struggling with an illness, it’s something we all need to prioritise, every day. Watch the clip.

NHS Mental Health Data Hub

Just in time for WMHD 2018, the NHS has launched an online ‘hub’ that gives everyone, from the general public to healthcare workers and researchers, access to mental health data, updates and news from across the country.

Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Celebrating its 60th year developing mental health treatments, Janssen Pharmaceuticals created a video reflecting over the past six decades, showing just how far its innovations have come. It also pays tribute to healthcare professionals, researchers, counsellors, carers and patient organisations, making it a heart-warming watch. Have a watch and see what we mean.


Making it easier than ever to get mental health support, Psyma gives users access to NHS-trained psychologists whenever suits them through an app. Yesterday, people could sign up and get a free initial consultation – quite literally opening the door to one of the most important conversations someone can have.


MSD took the opportunity to share one of its own initiatives. It revealed its Mental Health First Aider scheme, a hands-on approach that gives all employees the chance to speak to someone about their mental health. See what it’s all about.

Time to Change

This growing campaign is on a mission to change society’s approach to mental health and to end discrimination against people who struggle with their emotional wellbeing. To help us move forward, it encourages people to ask their friends, family and colleagues if they’re ‘OK’ twice. We often say we’re fine when we’re not. And asking a second time encourages people to open up. So Time to Change posted a video on World Mental Health Day showing why this is so important. It’s well worth a watch.