We’ve all been adolescent, and we all know what a challenging time it is.

Imagine if those feelings collide with the need to manage a long-term health condition, and that the condition you suffer from is both rare, and has a huge impact on your life quality.

It’s a potential disaster, a difficult challenge, and one which some teenagers must face every day.

Healthcare professionals treating adolescents with rare diseases are stretched, not just in the normal ways (resource limits, funding, time), but also with the complexity of the conditions they are managing.

In Cystic Fibrosis, managing compliance to multiple treatments, in PKU, ensuring adherence to special diets, and in haemophilia ensuring treatment compliance to avoid unseen intra-articular bleeds are all significant challenges for healthcare professionals working with adolescents.

In addition to the significant impact on patients’ health, issues around non-compliance and potential therapy switching also have a potential commercial impact for our clients.

The team here at Create Health, as a specialist pharma marketing agency, has significant experience in engaging adolescents with their health.

We’ve developed digital solutions for Anna Freud, to help teenagers cope with behavioural issues at school. And we have a Mental Health App (currently being trialled in schools) to help adolescents to record their feelings and help them understand their condition.

We’ve also worked globally with the World Health Organisation (WHO), developing digital solutions and databases that capture and benchmark adolescent health parameters across the world.

As a specialist pharma marketing agency, Create Health know adolescent health is important, we understand the complexities that need addressing to reach this age group, and most importantly we develop solutions to engage patients to improve their health and wellbeing.