As a specialist medical communications agency what our clients create never ceases to amaze us. They find new ways of solving health problems, transforming the way things work and are ultimately saving lives. Getting to realise the impact of their work can be a challenge, but inspiring ideas can make all the difference.

Creative communications can have a massive sway in the way convey information to others. A picture of a product with some words explaining features and benefits isn’t enough – no one will notice it. Copying what competitors won’t make you stand out. Using a glib “headline” applicable to any product or category can fall short of the bill. If you can ‘t inspire your audience, why would they care?

No matter how good the solution, a brilliant idea might be what you need to get prospects to take note of it. However, an idea which is simply wild and wacky or even ground-breaking isn’t enough to sell your newest innovation either. It might be noticed, but it won’t mean anything; we also need to highlight why it’s better in a way that piques their interest enough to want to know more.

A brilliant communication idea is one that inspires the audience into real behavioural or perceptual change, so it’s really important to get this right. It means looking beyond the obvious to understand what really matters to the audience, and to your organisation.

For example, doctors are taught that they should always think rationally and be outcomes-focused. But really, they’re as human as the rest of us and subject to a whole bunch of beliefs, bias, pressures and desires. Like everyone, they’re more likely to respond to ideas which pull on their emotions, although they’ll also need the rational arguments to justify their decisions.

A brilliant communication idea should be strong enough to relay a consistent, clear message wherever your prospect hears about your product. We usually recommend that a single idea should unite your whole “campaign suite”, from your ad to your sales aid. Not only because it’s more cost efficient for you, but because repetition aids familiarity and trust (because that’s just how human minds work).

When you work with us, you’ll find we ask a lot of questions. From our perspective as a specialist communications agency, understanding is the first step to developing brilliant ideas. Then, a big handful of creative magic dust.