As a specialist medical branding agency, we know that Veeva is a popular choice for biotech and pharma-focussed companies that need a CRM built on the Salesforce platform. It boosts a suite of sales-oriented apps and services that complete the CRM ecosystem, all of which sit under the banner of “Closed Loop Marketing” (CLM).

CLM is a powerful way to empower sales teams in facilitating meaningful face-to-face customer engagement opportunities. The following features make Veeva’s CLM a strong solution:

  • Interactive digital sales materials
  • Online meetings platform
  • Bespoke presentations built from compliant resources
  • Follow-up emails direct from presentations
  • Open access to their system via a well-documented API (no vendor lock-in)

However, one of Veeva’s greatest strengths, the all-in-one proposition underpinning CLM is also, its greatest weakness because the opportunity for innovation within CLM can be limited.

Removing the limitations of CLM for better engagement

We’ve recently been exploring ways of extending Veeva’s reach, by taking the philosophy of CLM to the next level. At the heart of this exploration is one simple question… “How often are we truly listening to what our customers have to say?”.

The answer?

A smart extension to Veeva CRM in the form of an “Engagement Platform” (EP) where we offer customers the opportunity to engage on a completely new axis.

Drawing on assets from Veeva via the API, plus other content repositories, our Engagement Platform offers a new space where you can do anything from hosting webcasts to interactive Q&As, or live-casting a product launch to simply offering a forum for discussion & feedback.

Crucially, this space is invite-only, with passwordless access and provides back rich analytical data to Veeva (again via the API). Best of all, it’s still a closed environment, so preserves the CLM tenets. It just means marketers can engage customers through more innovative channels and truly understand what they think.

Creating Veeva fever for users

At Create Health, as a medical branding agency, we’re constantly seeking out opportunities to drive innovation in healthcare. We believe in wielding technology responsibly and standing on the shoulders of giants. For us, our Engagement Platforms offer an evolutionary step forward for teams using Veeva. To find out more get in touch.