Blog posts are a great way of reaching out to your audiences. As a specialist digital content agency, we know this. It’s simple, and you can do it whenever you want, 24/7. That’s a good thing, right? Well, yes. But having such instant, easy access to customers creates a whole new problem. How can you constantly create new content that’s fresh, arresting and relevant? And how can you stand out from others trying to do the same? There’s a lot of pressure. Here are 10 ways to keep your content compelling.

1. Be single minded
Don’t wander in your content creation. Create a strict content strategy and (here’s the hard part) stick to it! And make sure that what your audience is interested in is something you know about.

2. Find inspiration from others
Read other blogs, news articles and publications from influencers in your industry. You’ll have an opinion about them and before you know it you’ll have the basis for a topic of your own. Check PMLive or BBC Health for opinion pieces or news relevant to your industry.

3. Drip feed your content
Congratulations! You have the most astute and well thought out post in The History of Blogs! So why give it all away in one go? Break it up into individual elements and produce each as a separate piece of content. For example, a piece on influencing patient choice can become three individual posts; why influencing patient choice is important, how to influence patient choice, five examples of successfully influencing patient choice. That’s three hits for the price of one.

4. Remember, the customer is reading
Content is something your customer should want to read. It’s not a platform for you to get something off your chest. Never lose sight of what’s important to your audience. Talk to your customer-facing teams to keep you up to speed with what goes on in your customers’ worlds.

5. Run it by your team
Content comes from your company, so it’s only right that your team knows what’s going on out there. Run your strategy by them so they are aware of what you’re trying to achieve. You might get some great content ideas back in return!

6. Listen to what your customers tell you
People often share the topics and viewpoints that most reflect their own personalities. Keep an eye on your audience’s social media profiles and see what they share and are interested in. Then reflect it in your own content.

7. Keep content relevant
Try connecting your content with what’s happening in the world. Elections, charity events, big sporting events… There’s always something happening in popular culture you can hang an idea off. It’ll help make what you have to stay relevant and timely.

8. Give your 50-cent’s worth
Don’t be afraid to give your opinion on something. For example, give your thoughts on something someone else has said at a conference or in a recent article. It shows your audience that you’re confident and have a position – which reflects well on your brand.

9. Interview a peer
If there’s been a recent product launch, an award win or something else of interest to the industry, why not channel your inner Michael Parkinson and conduct an interview? The Q&A format really makes for compelling content. Just remember to be a conduit for engaging information, and not force your brand into every question.

10. Look for ideas everywhere
You might be in the supermarket and you suddenly get a great content idea for, say, patient journeys. Jot it down! Good ideas are hard to find.

Memorable content is the Holy Grail. A lot of factors have to come into play so create something valuable that stands out and reinforces your brand. Good luck!